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Monday, June 24, 2019

New free report: State of SQL Server Monitoring 2019

Read the only industry report into SQL Server monitoring. The new State of SQL Server Monitoring Report from Redgate contains 24 pages full of insight into how 800 SQL Server users track their database estates. Read the latest on migrations, growing estates, tooling, and the top monitoring challenges.

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Unit Testing, Databases, And You
As database changes are added to the DevOps pipeline, unit testing of those changes becomes crucial. In this article, Adam Hafner describes unit testing and how it applies to databases. READ MORE...
Why Order Isn’T Guaranteed Without An ORDER BY
Brent Ozar
Start with the Stack Overflow database, with no nonclustered indexes. If you’ve been playing around with demos, run my DropIndexes proc just to clear things out, which leaves the clustered indexes in place. READ MORE...
Filtering Object Explorer Detailed Information In SSMS
Database Journal
In my last tip Displaying the Object Explorer Details Pane in SQL Server Management Studio, you learned how to bring up the Object Explorer Details pane. READ MORE...
Largest Tables On An Instance
Steve Stedman's Blog
Here is a quick script that I find myself using frequently to find the largest tables on an entire SQL Server instance. READ MORE...
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